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Praxis- und Labormöbe, Furniture for Medical Practices and Laboratories

Our Steel Furniture: Quality Does not Have to Be Expensive

Thanks to the use of electrogalvanized and color powder coated sheet steel, all Le-iS steel furniture has a long durability and is protected against rusting. Surfaces are hygienic, dirt-repellent and thus very easy to clean.
All cover panels and doors are provided with seals, so that no dust can get into the interior of our furniture.
Our drawers are very large and offer plenty of storage space. They can be used with or without inserts.

We first started out with just two lines of furniture, namely, Eurostar for medical practices and Technostar for laboratories. With a lot of creative thinking, we have progressively developed a total of four practice furniture lines and two lab furniture lines with different features. Our employees' involvement, which has been considerable from the very outset, is reflected in the names we have chosen for our furniture lines. If this is not workforce motivation, what is?

Our employees Veronika and Anett laid the basis for the VERANET line of practice furniture. FRAMOSA is made up from the names Frank, Monika and Sabine, Lutz and Maik. VOLUMA has less to do with volume than with Volker, Lutz and Maik. When it comes to our lab furniture lines, the acronym SWEMA is formed from the first letters of Swen and Manfred, whereas MASEBA derives from Marcel and Sebastian.

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