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Praxis- und Labormöbe, Furniture for Medical Practices and Laboratories
Company Portrait in a Nutshell

From a former GDR enterprise, which managed to hold its own in the marketplace until 1996 under the name of DELAB Dental- und Laborbau GmbH, Iser GmbH was founded through the courage and commitment of Monika Lehmann and Jörg Iser, two former DELAB employees. In 2002, the company’s name was changed to Le-iS Stahlmöbel GmbH.

We can now look back on 15 years of experience making steel furniture under this setup. Since its founding, the company has steadily enhanced and broadened its know-how base, modernized its machinery and equipment, trained its personnel and optimized working conditions.

With a current workforce of 25 employees and two apprentices, we are a small manufacturing firm that is well-established in the dental sector today. Our furniture is in high demand even beyond Germany’s borders, for example, in Japan, Sweden, the Netherlands and Switzerland.

Our Production - All Based at One Location

Our range of machinery includes, for example, an automatic Trumpf CNC nibbling machine, which enables us to produce sheet metal blanks of up to 1,000 mm x 2,000 mm x 3 mm in size. For sheet metal forming, we possess an edging press offering a maximum bending length of 3,000 mm and capable of handling a material thickness of up to 3 mm.

What is more, all welding operations are performed in our welding shop, such as TIG, MAG, spot and stud welding. A powder-coating installation, which allows us to coat sheet metal plates of up to 1,500 mm x 1,300 mm x 2,800 mm in size in all RAL and special colors, rounds out the machinery available at our manufacturing facility.

The different powder-coated sheet metal parts are assembled and prepared for shipment in our assembly shop. For steel furniture sold within Germany, we do not charge any extra shipping fee. If you so request, our experienced personnel will be pleased to set up the furniture on site for a modest charge.

Our development and design department constantly translates fresh ideas into reality and is also in a position to respond quickly to individual customer requests. We can thus live up to our company’s motto "Almost nothing is impossible."

CNC Nibbling Machine CNC Edging Press Welding Powder-coating Fitting Packing
CNC Nibbling Machine CNC Edging Press Welding Powder-coating Fitting Packing

Our Product Range

All our furniture series offer a broad variety of planning options. What is more, you can choose from 180 RAL colors without extra cost, a wide range of worktops, handles and accessories. So you can create a pleasant and most individual working environment.

Thanks to the use of electrogalvanized and color powder coated sheet steel, all Le-iS steel furniture has a long durability and is protected against rusting. Surfaces are hygienic, dirt-repellent and thus very easy to clean.

All cover panels and doors are provided with seals, so that no dust can get into the interior of our furniture.

Our drawers are very large and offer plenty of storage space. They can be used with or without inserts.


Our company is certified by DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 since December 2003.

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